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Space Innovation Roundtable at Leonardo DRS

Space Innovation Roundtable at Leonardo DRS

Arboribots participated in the space innovation roundtable held at Leonardo DRS

Arboribots recently participated in a Space Innovation Roundtable, held at Leonardo DRS space manufacturing facility in Kanata, ON, Canada. The meeting brought together several companies in the area who are working in the space sector. We had the opportunity to present the concept of Arboribots, showcasing some of the renders we designed. As well, we had the opportunity to hear presentations of their companies and how they are advancing their technology.

The space manufacturing aspect of the visit was super interesting. On the tour, we saw behind the scenes of how circuit boards are manufactured, assembled, and tested for use in space and defence applications. We got to observe several machines working on these boards. The areas were divided into specific sections of the assembly. One of the most surprising parts was seeing where manual assembly is required for high voltage power supplies. Even if 10 different people are working on the same assembly, the end result will look exactly the same because of the specifications on how to attach the wires together in three dimensions. Even flipping through photos of hardware that has gone to space was definitely inspiring. Along with the other areas we visited on the tour, it was all fascinating to see. From all this observation, we learned some insights that we’ll be using when we venture further into prototyping for testing.

There were two International Space University ISU SSP alumni present, both Bruno Sylvestre SSP02 and Erin Kennedy SSP19.

We’d like to thank Steve Onions from Invest Ottawa for the invitation, and Chris Joyce from Leonardo DRS for hosting. The opportunity gave us a platform to share Arboribots, hear feedback on our idea, and facilitate connections — all of which was valuable as an early stage new space startup.